The “Best” Hands Down

I hired Lee after working with more than one Law Firm for a post decree custody dispute. Lee seperates himself from the other firms that I have worked with (3) because of his personal interest in your case coupled with a very firm grasp of the family law statutes. Lee refuses to get “spun up” in the wicked web of legal semantics that cause cases to get knocked off track and ultimately see the Billings go through the roof.
Lee is a “matter of fact” attorney that fights for his clients for the most reasonable and expeditious outcome.
As a father up against the system in DuPage county, Lee and his team worked dillegintely and performed flawlessly which ended up with the results that I was seeking from the onset. I would recommend him to anyone and certainly would hire him again in a nanosecond if the need arises.
Simply put, he is the best attorney that I have met.