Family Lawyer

Lee is my lawyer for 3 years, at that time I had a stroke and I had to find a lawyer, my sister found Lee and he’s been with me and my family the whole time. Lee help me so much to sell my shares of the business. During that whole hard time Lee was always there, always helping, I know you worked hard for him I couldn’t talk that good I couldn’t read or write but he never give up on me. After 3 years of therapy I went back to see Lee and told him I’m back and I am opening my own business!!! The first time when I open my business it was so hard , our lawyer was not helpful, we had to do it alone. When I was talking with Lee about my business and he was telling me that it’s going to be so easy, I told him my last lawyer, and lee told me that he will take care of it, and to not worry. And I am opening my business in one month. It’s been so smooth getting this business again, I am so happy with all of Lee’s work. During this whole journey from my stroke Lee is my lawyer but he is also family. I talk about my business and my transgender patient and how hard it was one day her know I had a stroke, my business was a place of love. Lee has been cheering for me, i’ve never had a lawyer Who cared so much during after now forever. I’ve been blessed and I would love to share that love you everyone. So please read my post, you Will never find a lawyer like Lee and I will never forget how much he made my life a whole again. Thank you Lee