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Civil Litigation


Zeidman & Associates Ltd. believes that most circumstances can be rectified without litigious intervention. We consider that most parties to a controversy are fully capable of coming to an amicable agreement with the right kind of negotiation. Our primary goal is to forge a situation where you are comfortable with settling your controversy, without incurring the potential long delays associated with court intervention.

Nonetheless, if your situation cannot be rectified in an agreeable manner, we are prepared to litigate on your behalf in both Illinois State and Federal court systems. We will work diligently to assert your best interests and to achieve your goals. In cases that require litigation, we will work with you to create reasonable goals so that your expectations are well defined. We strive to provide transparent representation of your needs, so that you never question whether your best interests are being asserted.

The Litigation Services we offer include:

Business Litigation

Commercial and Residential Litigation

Breach of Contract

Breach of Confidentiality

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Judgments, Liens

Internal Business Disputes

Operating Agreement

Shareholder Agreement Litigation


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