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Real estate transactions can be complex and time consuming. The best way to succeed, whether buying, leasing, or selling, is to work with Morton Grove Real Estate Law experts who can educate you about your rights and obligations. An established Cook County firm with dozens of years of experience, we offer a number of real estate services: residential and commercial transactions, liens, rental agreements, short sales, and many other areas of expertise you will find helpful.

Being Successful with Short Sales

Until 2006, when the real estate market imploded, few homeowners had ever heard of short sales before. Now, the phrase is everywhere. As experienced real estate brokers, we have talked with many consumers whom mistakenly believe the term only applies if their home is in foreclosure or mortgage is in default. It is simply a term which means your mortgage lender will accept a payoff amount less than the loan balance.

Follow these tips in order to be successful with short sales, or contact one of our property law experts at 847-786-2234 for more information.

  • Be honest in your hardship better, but back it up with facts. Include information on how you got into your financial jam, how you tried to fix it, and why a short sale is your only option.
  • Never lose sight of the closing, and collect all necessary paperwork in a folder you can access quickly. Once the deal is done, schedule the closing.
  • At Morton Grove Real Estate Law, we encourage the seller to communicate regularly with the short sale buyer and his or her agent. Ask questions, and make sure they are committed to the deal.
    Finally, negotiate from the heart, and connect with the buyer and his or her agent on a personal level. Nothing seals a deal like compassion and understanding.

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