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Founded in 2009, our firm’s staff prides itself on being experts in all aspects of Glenview Real Estate Law. Whether you have questions about liens, short sales, or property law in general, we have the right answers. Because the overall real estate market is improving throughout Illinois, we field calls each week from average consumers and property investors with questions about commercial and residential real estate transactions.

For example, many customers ask us: What sort of lease terms should I avoid? This is the sort of inquiry our real estate brokers love to answer, because it helps empower consumers to make the right choices. When considering a lease agreement, here are terms to avoid.

A Multi-Year Lease

Whether you are a small business owner or leasing your first home, do yourself a favor and examine any rental agreements as carefully as possible. Landlords always want to lock a tenant into a multi-year lease, but circumstances can occur that make it a bad deal. You could lose your job, or your business may close due to low sales. In any case, you are locked into the lease. Glenview Real Estate Law experts, located in nearby Skokie in Cook County, advise renters to ask for a one-year lease, and only accept a multi-year lease if that is the only way to secure the deal.

Avoid Rental Agreements with Long-Term Lease Renewal Options

Finally, any real estate lawyer will counsel his or her client to avoid a lease that requires signing on for a renewal of more than two years at a time. Again, it is common sense. A lot can happen to make that a bad deal. And if you are getting ready to sign a one-year lease with a five-year renewal – think again.

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