Lee has helped us in 2 separate instances. The most recent being the closing of our first home. He was great at explaining every detail and made frequent stops to ensure we were well aware of our newly found responsibilities. He has been amazing to work with and will continue to use his services for as long as we have them. Thank you so much! Posted by a Client

Attorney Lee Zeidman Review

Zeidman, is a very cooperative, down to earth and easy to work with attorney. It was truly a great learning experience being along side him. He is an attorney that is extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable at his field of work. Posted by a Client

First Time Home Buyer

Although it seemed like Lee had done a couple thousand of these closings, he treated us like we were his only client. He explained every detail at the closing and made sure we were given every dollar from the lender that we were entitled to. Really couldn’t be happier with the result. I always hear horror stories of how confusing and lengthy closings are, my husband and I had a wonderful experience. We closed in less than 1.5 hours and Lee explained everything ahead of time. The best part is that the explanation he gave was exactly what happened. I found out he does a lot more than just residential closings but that he can also help with our estate planning (wills and trusts) and he said he can also help with business planning for my husbands small business. We will DEFINITELY be using Lee in the future. Posted by a Client

Business advice session

I presented an unusual case involving ownership of some personal property. The attorney was able to provide me with a clear understanding of where I stood and a suggested course of action. Posted by a Client


Great Lawyer, Great Staff know what they are doing. Posted by a Client

Divorce & Separation advice session

Great. Posted by a Client

Stellar Representation!

What started as a simple bankruptcy quickly went south when I was confronted with a difficult trustee. I was riddled with anxiety over the issue while my attorney remained calm. He helped to ease my fears by assuring me that we could and would get it done; confronting any issue along the way. I am not sure why my trustee believed I had additional assets but I am glad that Lee remained calm and diligent in his insistence on the state of my affairs. In bankruptcy you are personally copied on all legal proceedings, so every time I received a notice I went into a panic. I am sure I tested my attorney’s patience but he never displayed that when dealing with me. What seemed like a daunting process was easily navigated by Lee because, simply put, he knew what he was doing. He calmly and consistently explained the process and did not waste my money on trivial matters. When the trustee asked for additional information I did exactly as Lee advised and watched him handle the rest, Due to the trustee’s inquisition my bankruptcy took longer than I anticipated, though it finally ended in my favor and without additional …
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Lee was my light in a Dark tunnel during closing as a first time home buyer.

This guy is nothing short from amazing, not only was he on top of the job but he was very patient and supportive in dealing with me as a new client. Lee explained every detail during the entire closing process and he always made time to ensure that things were being handled properly not only on his end but everyone involved. If you are looking for a lawyer that has your back, Lee Zeidman is your man. Posted by a Client

Best Lawyer in Illinois

Lee is very personable, approachable and has a good relationship with the courts as well as a strong professional network with other attorneys in the trade. But he is also a staunch, steadfast and passionate advocate when you are dealing with any case. He is a bull dog when confronting non-reasonable people. Lee is no push over. When the other side tried to use coercive tactics, Lee pushed back. There were periods where I thought Lee was putting his career on the line for me as he powerfully, passionately, vigorously and non reservedly spoke up to the Court. Lee later told me that he did it because he felt that it was the right thing to do. He had to let the court know the truth no matter what. I was touched. Lee has been a dedicated counsel and friend. At times l felt bad that I had been eating into his personal time, but Lee constantly assured and still assures me that it’s okay, and he’s always available.(even when he was on vacation) I’ve known Lee and his family for a long time, and I would NOT go anywhere else for legal advice or legal representation. Post by a …
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Very Impressive! Beyond Excellent!

I wanted to formally thank Lee R. Zeidman at Zeidman & Associates Ltd. for facilitating the legal aspect for closing sale on a property, if he is this thorough on closing legal matters and negotiating terms, I can only imagine how brilliant he is on other legal matters. I have found my legal counsel/firm for life! Do not hesitate giving him a call, he is true rock star like lawyer – trust me. Thank you again Lee !!! Post by a Client