Lee Zeidman-Dynamic & Trustworthy

Lee is a very dedicated and efficient lawyer. I have known him for 3 years now. I originally sought him out for representation with a child support case. I’ve recently used his services for a variety of real estate transactions. One of the most important qualities about him is his responsiveness to clients. I don’t recall a time where I have had to leave a message. It is quite the opposite he will always find me via text, email, or voicemail to update me on my cases. Most lawyers want easy cases, but not Lee. The cases he takes on are quite challenging and yet he manages to gather everything together being conscious of deadlines, laws, and possible issues that can bring the case to a halt. He is also very efficient at dealing with interstate cases, which can be quite challenging. Overall, if you would like a dynamic lawyer who will definitely win a case for you, Lee is the right person. I’ve already recommended Lee to several colleagues, family, and friends and I will continue to do so because of his high level of ethics, family values, and dedication to what he loves-practicing law. Posted by a Client

A wonderful experience

Lee was referred to us by a friend when we were trying to keep our home from getting foreclosed. Lee was always very professional and returned our calls and emails promptly. He guided us patiently trough the whole process and when we decided to finally opt for a short sale ,Lee worked with our agent and made sure that every detail was covered and coordinated between all parties involved in the sale. With banks that were not helping he managed to get the deal done and even got us some money . He made this whole experience so easy for us with such tact and professionalism. Thank you very much Lee. Posted by a Client

Highly Professional Foreclosure Expert!

Lee Zeidman came through for us in a very difficult situation. Eighteen months ago, we were in foreclosure and in danger of losing our house. Because he is a highly experienced handler of foreclosure cases, he was able to explain the process clearly, and most importantly, keep us one step ahead. We followed Lee’s recommended strategy to communicate with our bank while he handled the court process. This proved effective! By keeping our legal defense strong over the months, Lee bought us time to improve our financial situation to a point where the bank was willing to give us a loan modification. Now we are out of foreclosure and back on good terms with the bank. We most likely could not have reached this goal without Lee’s help. We recommend him highly! Posted by a Client

A very good attorney and client advocate!

Lee has been handling a variety of cases for me, ranging from financial to divorce, for the past five years. I found him to be reasonable, knowledgeable, and concerned with my well-being. Moreover, Lee always lays out the risk/benefit analysis pertaining to litigation and provides me with his recommendations. If you are seeking an honest and reasonable attorney to help resolve your legal issues, I recommend Lee. Posted by a Client

Highly Competent Attorney

Mr. Lee Zeidman is a knowledgeable, competent and highly personable attorney. He not only was totally responsive to our request to explain difficult concepts found within our family trust document but he was never impatient or condescending during the session. He demonstrated sincere concern for our specific estate planning issues and in so doing we have established a trustworthy relationship. We highly recommend Mr. Zeidman to potential clients who want to break through misunderstandings often found within the attorney/client relationship. Posted by a Client

Great Job

Lee did a great job for me in when I purchased my condo. Kept me very informed, and made sure I understood everything that was going on at all times. I have and will continue to recommend him. Posted by a Client

Great,Knowledgeable Lawyer

Lee has helped me greatly in the past and he continues do so. I recommend Lee to those I know for legal advice and legal services. Being able to find a knowledgeable and trustworthy lawyer is at times hard to find and with Lee being our family lawyer, we have found that! Posted by a Client

Lee Zeidman Review

Lee was always one step ahead. He was very knowledgeable, organized, prepared, and willing to talk us through whatever questions we had. Posted by a Client

Efficient and Responsive

Our condo association hired Lee for a number of different issues over the past few years. Lee represented the needs of our association very effectively and efficiently. The end result was always favorable to our association. Most recently, our building received violations from the City for our back porch not meeting code. Lee worked diligently with the City and represented the association in Court to ensure that we were given fair deadlines and avoided unnecessary fees. Everything worked out in the end and Lee stayed on top of the situation very effectively. Lee upholds the highest degree of ethics and savvy, and I would recommend him to others. Posted by a Client

Would Highly Recommend Mr. Zeidman to assist when facing Mortgage Foreclosure.

I’ve worked with Lee Zeidman since 2010 when he took on our case. I’m very impressed with him, both personally and professionally and I truly appreciate how responsive he is and with the amount of care and dedication he devotes to our case. I would highly recommend and in fact I have recommended Lee to friends and family who need legal assistance. Thank-you Lee. Posted by a Client