Family Attorney

Lee Zeidman did a great job creating a family trust, will, and POA’s for me and my family!

Lee is THE BEST!

When I contacted Lee about handling my divorce in 2015, I told him it was going to be easy. Here I am, finally divorced, 18 months later and the case ended up being anything but easy. Lee caught every curve ball with tact and reassured me that he would do his best to move things along and I am certain he did that and more. Lee handled this odd situation and opposing counsel with good humor and I appreciate that more than I can explain in the allowed character amount. I would recommend Lee to anyone and I know if I need his services in the future I will be well taken care of. This was not the most exciting or the most lucrative case for Lee but I know that he and his team put everything they had into the work they did. Thank you!!

Awesome Attorney!

Lee and his team were fantastic as they guided me through the purchase of my new home. Lee is knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. All inquiries (primarily done via email) were answered promptly, and turn around time with contracts, paperwork, etc. was fast. There was never a time I was waiting on this team. Lee was there every step of the way making sure I understood the process and ensuring my protection from a legal standpoint. Even the closing was super fast and easy. I highly recommend Lee if you are looking for legal assistance. I’ve already hired him again. You won’t be sorry.

Easiest Divorce Ever?

I hired Lee to do my divorce and I could not be happier. He was patient: Lee took the time to explain everything to me at the right time. He was knowledgeable: Lee knew the laws for Illinois inside and out. He was tough: I was up against a “big firm” and Lee went toe-to-toe, all ten rounds (I am not going to say that “we won,” just in case my ex-wife is reading this, but we won). He was kind to me: this was a very rough time of my life, Lee know this and helped me through every step of the way. I think the key to finding a good attorney to help you is to identify the biggest problems you have in a situation and run it by a few different lawyers. I met with 5 other divorce attorneys who just “didn’t get it” before I met Lee. I had a good feeling from the start, and I am very glad that I hired Lee. I cannot thank you enough, Lee.

Impressive Interaction

I was in the process of purchasing a house and there were a few set backs due to the banks, and paperwork they had already been provided. Mr. Zeidman was able to handle everything and was very quick to respond to these matters. I was also able to get a hold off Mr. Zeidman whenever I had a question or needed further assistance. He made the process so much easier and I couldn’t have been happier with his services. If I needed any assistance in the future there is no doubt I would contact Mr. Zeidman first.

Highly Recommended Attorney

Lee Zeidman, our attorney, guided and helped us find an effective solution to our complicated home mortgage situation. He and his team worked continuously to explore various options in order to avoid foreclosure. Mr. Zeidman was informative, reassuring, and steadfast in accomplishing a short sale of our home. We appreciate all of his efforts and would highly recommend him to any future clients.

Helped with an International House Sale

We were selling our house in Chicago while living abroad. Lee was able to handle the majority of the process making it easy and headache free for us. What is normally a stressful situation ended up being quite simple and efficiently done.

House Closing

What can I say.. fast, professional, record time closing, less than 1 hour. He represented me from buyer point of view. Highly recommended!!!

Amazing Lawyer

Lee is dedicated and passionate in what he does. He makes sure his clients understand what’s in front of them and has their best interests in mind. We would recommend him to anyone in need of services.

House Selling/Buying

Lee is a phenomenal attorney. The legal work for when we sold our house and bought new was handled without a flaw. He and his team were on top of each email, fax, etc. that came in and got all the information turned around quickly. He has a great professional manner and it is evident in all the work that he does. I was able to leave town for work knowing that Lee got all the necessary paperwork signed and notarized ahead of schedule so that my husband can do our closing without any issues. Being states away and not having to worry about those items is a great feeling. Thank you Lee and your team for doing all that you do!!!