Legal Services

Lee Zeidman was very professional and informative. The divorce process was explained in great detail and executed without any issues. He did a great job and I’m completely satisfied with his representation. Posted by a Client

Superb representation

Lee Zeidman handled my divorce case. I would highly recommend his representation. Lee is a very knowledgeable, efficient, and dedicated attorney. From the moment we met, Lee made me feel comfortable and and at ease. Lee listened to my needs and wants as a client and provided me with all of the information I needed to make informed decisions. He was easily accessible and kept me informed of each step of the process. Lee answered all questions that I had in a way that was clear and comprehensible. I trust that Lee will always put his clients needs first. I will be using Lee for any future legal support I may need. I strongly recommend Lee Zeidman for anyone seeking legal help. Posted by a Client

Fantastic Real Estate Deal

I hired Lee Zeidman of Zeidman & Associates for a real estate purchase. Lee knew his stuff, made it straight forward and logical. His knowledge is clearly there but he knows how to handle people. I would use him again in a heartbeat. You can’t go wrong here. Posted by a Client

Breach of Contract.

Dear Lee Zeidman, I am grateful for everything you had done for me. I came into your office with very little hope. After a few minutes into our conversation you made me feel comfortable and with a lot of hope. I thank you for your professionalism and diligent work. I defenitely will recommend you to anyone that needs a competent, professional, respectful lawyer THANK YOU GRATITUDE ! Posted by a Client  

Hired Lee

Lee helped me regarding a child support case, he was very helpful and friendly. Lee always made sure I was well informed. I would highly recommend Lee.. Posted by a Client

Our Time with Lee

Lee has been wonderful to us. He has really helped us to grow not just financially, but as a family as a whole. When I first came to Lee, I was really struggling with my businesses and was hoping for a miracle – Lee was able to offer me exactly that. We worked together from day one, having several meetings to figure out how to fix my situation. Even when it came to our homes, he was a big helping hand for our real estate. He put in his best effort to help us keep our home of many years by negotiating with banks, meeting with me, discussing with other lawyers, and more. Whenever I needed Lee to help send a document/letter or even discuss something I was nervous about, he was there for me. Through his hard work and determination, my family and I were able to work through our issues to a brighter future. Posted by a Client

A Super Lawyer

Lee recently helped me with a case of breach of contract against someone who refused to pay back a personal loan. I was impressed by his professionalism during the process. He was sharp and accurate in his analysis of the situation. and he was extremely patient to help me understand the legal process. He was very friendly, always answer my phone calls and e-mails quickly. He did a great job for me win the case quickly, and I will have no hesitation to recommend him to anyone. During my last visit to his offer, I saw another “Super Lawyer” award on his desk. He definitely deserve everyone of them. Posted by a client May 28, 2016

Skilled Negotiator.

I sold my home in June of 2016 and Lee Zeidman was my attorney. I couldn’t be happier with the level of service I received I always think it’s important to understand the person leaving the review because “good service” to one person could be “average” (or “below average”) service to another. About me – I used to develop properties, however, now, I am an attorney in California. With that said, I have bought, developed, and sold over 20 properties in my lifetime. For these reasons, I have a deeper level of understanding of what Mr. Zeidman does and how he compares to his peers. On this particular transaction, the buyer was being difficult to say the least. At every turn, the buyer’s were trying to find reasons to reduce the sales price. It was because of Lee’s business acumen and natural negotiating talent that allowed me to stay strong on my price. It wasn’t that he gave me false sense of confidence, it was that he correctly analyzed the buyer’s (weak) position and correctly advised me on what to do. His analysis coupled with his business acumen saved me over $20,000! He understood when my position was strong, and …
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